Medical Marijuana for Cancer

The important ingredient in the medical marijuana is the nine tetrahydrocannabinol or rather the THC which is being researched on for its benefits in the medical field. With the research which has been done in the medicine field, it has been discovered that the THC can be in a position to get rid of the tumors that grow in the body and this has an association with the cancer treatment. After the research, it was also discovered that the nine tetrahydrocannabinol brings about the autophagy of the tumor cells. Here is a video on what a doctor thinks about medical cannabis:

Autophagy in simple terms refers to the process whereby the cells degrade or rather starts destroying themselves. Apoptosis on the other hand also prevents tumor growth by performing some kind of events that lead to the death. Another thing which is under investigation is the usefulness of the medical cannabis in that it has some cannabinoids which are in a position to bring about some physiological changes. You'll be able to learn about these effects of cannabis at

The main aim of this study was to ensure the treatment of the prostate cancer and the results showed that the molecules found in the tetrahydrocannabinol had the potential of doing so. The only way the THC can kill the tumor or rather the cancer cells is by adopting a cell surface which binds some mechanism which provides the cell signaling pathway hence killing the cells. Medical marijuana is used as a prevention and treatment of the bowel cancer since it plays the role of slowing down the rate in which cancer spread or rather grow and also kill them. All the studies and research that have been done by different scientist, not even one of them have been using the cannabis itself, but instead, they used the purified cannabinoids.

There are two types of cannabinoid receptors available, that is the CB1 and the CB12 Which makes them perform biologically. The former types of these receptors were located in the brain which was responsible for altering the mind by being triggered by the cannabis. Other receptors were found in the whole body majorly in some specific parts of the body, and they are the ones who triggered the biological effect of the cannabinoids in the other parts of the body except for the brain. In order to treat cancer, therefore, it is advisable to come up with the suitable drugs basing on its content which acts as the ingredients found in the hash oil. You can also get marijuana oils for pain to help minimize this effect of cancer.